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Lathe PD 400/CNC

Update for lathe PD 400/CNC

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Date: 2014-10-01

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Latest update of nccad8 of 2014, October 01
for Proxxon customers who have already installed nccad8!
From version: Appl. key

Please check if you need an update by the third number of the application key
. If it is less than 38, an update might be useful.

List of modifications
Date: 01. 10. 2014

New functions

  • Adaptation of the resolution when circles and arcs are converted into polygons and lines

  • Curve Interpolation, Curve Approximation

  • Tabulator for NC-Editor can be set (Tab i replaced by numbers of spaces)

  • Scale/stretchshrink drawing elements in axes relation

  • Shift OpenGL-view by mouse (press mouse wheel and Ctrl key)

General corrections and improvements

  • Change the jump width when using the cursor in the manual control window by [CTRL] + [SHIFT] +[F1...F5]

  • Save / Read the names for voltage output and digital outputs

  • Validation of the AIN query in F8-window

  • Revision of NC-Editor, permanent syntax-check with "folded" editor-window only

  • Automatic docking of the NC-editor with diverse actions ( DXF import, close active file,...)

  • Set display of marker points

  • Extension of display functions in the tree Drawing elements (hide/show contours)

  • Automatic scroll in the tree Drawing elements with Drag & Drop

  • Display of the cursor adapted to construction grid

  • Correction for G20-code in spooler operation

  • Adaptation of save-behavior when finishing nccad

Date: 2014 - 05 - 08

New functions

  • Tangent, exterior tangent, interior tangent

  • Dimensioning angle

  • Show the arrows with dimensioning

General corrections and improvements

  • Delete group in the tree Drawings

  • M05 with copies

  • Tab Turning in the parameters window visible again

Date: 2014 - 03 - 05

New functions

  • Import of unclamping position from old files

  • HPGL import

General corrections and improvements

  • Import from nccad6.x and nccad7.x

     - load Symbol (if symbol in group 1, 2, 5, 5 groups are generated)

  • Circles, arcs G03 with old machines (Interface < IF5)

  • G24 is working with high x-values, too

Date: 2012, July

  • Go to safety distance in X after grooving/parting off

Description of the previous versions contained in the current update see at bottom

Please check also which kind of interface you have got.
Therefore look into your existing version:
Open manual control

and close it again.
Read the data in the menu Help/Version:

... Interface IF6
... Master Type (0)
or (128) => you can download the update.

ATTENTION: If you have got Interface 5 and master Type 64, you cannot
use this version of nccad8 without our help!

Download of nccad8/Turning

1. Do the download,
Start the downloaded setup.exe file by double clicking

3. pay attention to the message box and follow the installation instructions

Please note:
The setup must be stored in the same folder where your previous nccad8 was stored. Thus your licensing is granted!
Normally the path is C:\Programs\nccad8:

4. Flash In the folder Firmware (normally in C:\Programs\nccad..\) you will find the relating sub-folders and and Information leaflets for flashing. Please follow the instructions on the leaflet!

Description of the previous versions contained in the current update

Date: April 12, 2012
General corrections and improvements

  • Improvement of manual control, concerning storage of zeropoint

  • New Help available in English

  • Date: March 08, 2012New functions:
  • Storage of add. information like workpiece dimensions, person, date in drawing and CNC-program

  • Storage of settings for catch/grid

  • Display of actual line-number in simulation

  • Load, save, dissolve symbols

  • Jump commands (G20 unb. jump, G24 repeat loop, G22 jump to sub-program)

General corrections and improvements

  • Improved display after several files have been shut down

  • Automatical re-activation of editing functions after changing from simulation to CAD/CAM-dialog, and others.

  • Faster make-up of graphical display

  • Improved circle calculation

  • Faster LookAhead

  • Optimized functions for arc editing

  • Adaption of special polygons with DXF-Import

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