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Get acquainted with nccad9

Date: July 2014
The following film is in German, it shows how to work with nccad9, here 3D-print.
The software nccad itself is available in English, too, inside the software you can switch from German to English.
You can read the words of the film in English, below the video.
You need Flash-Player and sound (for the German version).
Remarks: The nccad-window  and the picture size was diminuated in order to reduce the size of  the file.

A simple example shows how  to proceed from STL-file to printing -  
assisted by wizard support.
Source for an STL file ...

For 3D-Print I must select the machine first, not scan, not mill, but print. New print project.
I select the truncated pyramid from the folder Geometric figures – click „continue" in the wizard. It is not necessary to rotate the body, nor do I want to scale it, therefore: „continue". The software asks me how to make the layers and the filling. I select: Layer coarse, filling coarse. The software calculates the printing paths and asks me to save the frustum as .pnc-file. I get the printing paths and the possibility to watch the simulation step by step. You can see how the basic layer is built up and the pyramid is growing. On the left – the related CNC-program is of no practical use for you. The last step is: access to the machine, preparations for printing and printing.

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