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Automatic tool changing

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Date: March 2017

Automatic tool changing is possible with 2 types of machining units:

  • BAE with High Frequency spindle (HF)
    The chuck is always operated pneumatically. Therefore the shaft of the tools has always to be the same.
    The magazine must hold the released tools, either by a clamping sleeve or a "comb", the tools will need a ring.
    2 categories with different HF-spindles are available:
    • Spindle 170 W - BAE25
      Chuck 3mm or 1/8"
    • Spindle 450 W - BAE26
      Chuck 6mm

  • BAE as C-axis
    In this case a gripper is operated pneumatically, holding a tool-holder with cone (ISO10). Chucks ER16 from 1 to 8mm can be mounted in this holder. Therefore the diameter of the tool shafts does not matter.
    Since 2017 we have used a so-called adaptor changer from Mechatron, satisfying professional demands.
    The magazine needs space, therefore only 5 toolholder can be placed in a A4-machine.
    For the C-axis 2 motor types are available and can be integrated:
    • Stepper motor approx. 200W - BAE55
      For low power and low speeds up to approx. 3000 rpm, but also for extremely slow rotations in very special applications.
    • Servo motor approx. 400W - BAE56v
      For universal use with speeds up to approx. 20.000 rpm and tools till 8mm.

Besides motor and the spindle, mounted on ball bearing, the automatic tool changer always contains the following elements:

  • Control unit for the motor
  • Pneumatic system
  • SPS-functionality
  • Magazine with controllable protection cover
  • Tool-length measurer
  • Safety sensors
  • Software
    • Automatic sequence control with the program TOOLS.KNC
    • NC-codes for changing
    • Programming support in CAD/CAM
    • Tool memory
    • Help

The automatic tool changer can be assembled to almost all machines, but it has to be mounted and adjusted by the manufacturer in order to guarantee correct installation. 

BAE55v/56v With stepper motor or servo motor
As this spindle can be programmed in its rotation angle, rotation sense and angle feed, it becomes another CNC-axis. We call it C-axis because it rotates around the Z-axis. It has got enorous advantages:

  • Very low noise even during machining 

  • Drilling with low speed 

  • Milling with high speed 

  • Tapping with normal screw-taps 

  • Angle positioning of tools 

  • Angle positioning of workpieces 

more  >>>>  

Picture: BAE55v with stepper motor and adaptor changer

BAE25/26 with HF-Spindle
A professional machining unit. Its advantages:

  • Very good concentricity 
  • Drilling and milling with very thin tools
  • Speed up to 60.000 rpm
  • 2 different powers of the spindle are available (approx. 170W or 450W)

We can deliver different products on demand.

Picture: BAE25 with 170W-spindle, magazine with comb.
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