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Our coordinate system KOSY, as positioning and machining system,  is a good base for automation processes.
KOSY is then complemented by holders, pneumatic elements, more axes, etc. As a rule, the system software must be adapted and the activity program must be developed.

Please, let us advise you.....

Remarks and examples

Automation in general is  a technology with high demands:

It must work  
  • reliably

  • and steadily without interference of persons.

This depends of course on the components and the expenditure for development and construction. We have to take into account the number of pieces, length of cycle, load and similar parameters.

Dip varnishing

Small pipes on a rotatable plate are dipped in a bath and slowly taken out again. A sensor supervises the distance towards the surface of the dipping bath.

Dispensing a sealing bead

A contour must be followed and the outlet valve has to be controlled. The dispensing medium is pumped pneumatically out of a barrel. It is important that the sealing bead is evenly spread.


This process requires special tools and special technologies parameters. In our example, round parts are produced, the workpiece must rotate, while the diamond wheel takes material off. Please do not forget to instal a good dust removal system.

Multiple machining

A pneumatic clamping element fixes the workpiece, which can then be worked on from two sides at the same time. This requires a modified software.
Cooperation with external components

We need partners for this, because we cannot produce everything alone.

Complex systems

On the one hand start signals have to be output. On the other hand, feedback must be processed.

Measuring and testing systems

In cooperation with LabVIEW automatic measuring and testing in different positions and evaluating the results are possible.


Often small parts need to be developed and constructed .....

Clamping and holding

Many auxiliary aids must be made individually. Our precision mechanics solve the problems.

Don't forget to plan

whether you need a housing with security elements, or a special dust collecting element, or an integration of specific components - Think about them during the consulting phase already, it can save you money.

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