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Before delivery

To avoid problems

Revised: February 2017

In order to ensure time- and labour-saving delivery and installation of our systems, we recommend to make certain arrangements:

Checklist before delivery

1. Where and how is the machine to be placed:
  • There must be suitable electric power connection with a sufficient number of sockets

  • The room should be dry

  • Please make sure that there is enough light

  • The machine needs a solid table to be put on

  • There should be enough room for machine and computer

2. The PC

  • Graphic card min 1024x768 pixel, fast Open-GL card
  • Windows 7 and more. See FAQs
  • min. 128 MB main memory,   CD-drive to instal nccad

  • A free serial port/interface for communication with the CNC-machine

  • Laptops without serial port must have an adapter from serial port to USB

  • Installed Internet-Explorer from Microsoft, min. IE5 ( not Netscape), necessary for the helppages of nccad.

  • Graphical resolution min. 1024 x 768 Pixel. Fast OpenGL-Graphic board (otherwise no OpenGL-Simulation).

  • Ordinary 32bit-computer to work directly at the CNC-machine is sufficient for operating and monitoring.

3. Important for big and heavy machines:

  • Preferably the machine should be placed on ground level, make sure that your doors are wide enough

  • It might be difficult to carry the machines into the basement, especially when the staircase is narrow and steep.

  • It is recommended to have a cart, a fork lifter or strong men to help.

  • The table or rack must be solid enough to carry the heavy machine

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