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Updated: February 2017

Our MultiController control unit MCS is a professional tool reaching far out:

  • Flexible electronics in multilayer technology with 32bit-MicroControllers and EMV-components

  • Separate controllers resp. cards for different axes and controlling tasks with individual intelligence

  • Perfect software support by firmware together with our CAD/CAM/CNC-software nccad

It is integrated in all our serial products in different combination, i.e. in our coordinate tables, CNC-machines, dispensing systems, etc.
It is also used to control other than our machines/mechanics by different companies and private persons in individual combinations.
Additional modules and extensions have been generated during the last years. They are part of the success of this control unit.

MultiController MCS
See the housing.
The connections and sockets depend on the version.

Inside the MCS10n, here with 3 axes controllers

Inside the MCS10n, here with 3 axes controllers (Slave), i.e. MCS103.
Picture without wiring for better view.

Back of MCS103 with power switch, power input, fuse, 230V-switching output, 3 sockets for stepper motors, socket "Zusatzfunktionen" ("additional functions") (optional), Connection to tool-length measurer and depth controller/3D-scanner, PC-port (from right to left).

Our CNC-control series MCS100 is able to control lathes, milling machines, coordinate tables o similar and its delivery contains:
MultiController unit for n axes,
Art.Nr. MCS10n - e.g..: MCS103 = Control unit for 3 axes
- in a closed shapely casing (see picture above)
- interface IF6  (picture on the left) with ...
-- power supply with transformator
-- Bus-board with 8 equipped connections
-- MasterController for administration and communication
-- n axes controller (slave) with 2,5A-output stage
- microstepping for calm running with fine resolution
- inputs for limit switches, handwheel and sensor system
- input for depth controller/3D-scanner
- input for tool-length measurer
- switch output for 230V/800W (spindle or similar)
- serial port to PC
(USB via adapt/plug-in card)
CAD/CAM-software with direct machine control
- nccad9 latest basic version, see range of performance
- control-related licence, running on any numbers of PCs
- tutorials, films (German), help pages
- e-mail hotline

nccad9 is delivered together with the control unit.
The range of functions of nccad
More information on nccad9

Our MCS100 is able to control your self-made mechanics and can be programmed in CNC-mode after DIN - or in CAD/CAM mode.
Cooperation with external CAD/CAM programs is possible.

Extensions are possible up to a high level in hard- or software in a modular system:
- Axis controller for add-ons, like dividing head, tool-changer etc.
- Axis controller for A-, B-, C-, U-axes, special slave for servo drives
- SPS-controller with dialog programming
(relay slave)
- Handwheel box with override feed/rpm
- Sensor systems for control and positionning
- Support in CNC and CAD/CAM for A-, B-, C-, U-axes
- Different performance levels of nccad9
- OEM-solutions, branch solutions         ...... Shop / Control units ...

A controller is composed of at least ...

  • a basic unit

  • an axis-controller

  • software

Different extensions and modifications are possible...

  • with/without output stage

  • diff. in-/outputs .... etc.

You can compose your own control unit by a modular system, for 2 to 7 axes, with or without SPS-functions, with different interfaces up to an integration of measuring systems.

For advice, please contact us, to the shop ...

Applications - Controlling other than our machines

Our MultiController unit MCS is a multi-task control, have a look at the following pictures:

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