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Dispensing systems Overview

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A system, complete with all components for automatic dispensing of:

  • glues, pastes, liquids .....

  • in points and tracks

Our coordinate-system KOSY offers all necessary requirements in hard- and software for this application.

But i is necessary to know that
dispensing is a process full of technical, physical and chemical problems - Our broad knowhow is the base for satisfying solutions. Get yourself informed before selecting a system and its components.

Practical examples.....
 and  industrial applications.....
Choice and short information

Date: August 2007

Select your equipment by means of the series of pictures:

  • One of our coordinate tables from our product range

  • The dispensing method - e.g. directly out of the cartouche or cartouche with valve or outlet valve with barrel pump or....

  • Holders for the Z-table

  • Accessories - e.g. cables, hoses and control cables

A click on the picture gives you more details, in most cases......

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