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The LabVIEW-Toolkit for KOSY

LabVIEW is a globally spread measure and test software with a very powerful and comfortable programming surface. It is based on so-called "virtual instruments", called VIs, which are bonded together with a graphical programming surface

In order to combine this programming with our coordinate-system as a means of positioning mechanics, we offer the LabVIEW-Toolkit für KOSY.

The virtual instruments (VI´s) for KOSY

The KOSY-LabVIEW-package contains the VIs for binding KOSY into the user programm.

The VIs for KOSY in detail

There are the following VI-groups:

  • Adjustment VIs (counter, range, ramp...)

  • Control VIs (initialisation, emergency stop....)

  • Step-outlet VIs (Home, single step, line, circle.....)

  • Relay VIs (read, set...)

  • Information VIs (read position, switch states...)

Some examples and a documentation:

Program examples:

KOSY manual control

The direct access to the mechanics in order to specify the positions when programming.

The operational schedule for automatic measuring

The consecutive actions are laid down in a table.

Example "Temperature development" - Test tubes and sensor

12 test tubes are fixed on a heating plate, a sensor dips in, stirs the medium by circles and measures the temperature.

Example "Temperature development" - Setting parameters
By means of a graphical surface all parameters are set, like the coordinates of the test tubes or the number of the stirring cicles.

Example "Temperature development" - Capture of measured values

The picture shows a part of the screen during measuring and the sensor dipping in.

Example "Temperature development" - Evaluation

The result of the measurement with evaluations. The features offered by LabVIEW in the field of mathematics and graphics are fully used here.

Using LabVIEW-Toolkits für KOSY, LabVIEW-experts are able to develop such applications by themselves. You may, however, also ask us for help.

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