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LowCost-Dispensing system
with the coordinate system KOSY

This simple but reliable dispensing system consists of the following components:
  • a CNC-Machine from our range of products

  • two pneumatic valves with accessories

  • a cartouche for the dispensing liquid and holder

  • a workpiece holder

  • the CAD/CAM-Software nccad (always included in our KOSY-contents)

The picture shows the dispensing system with KOSY2 A4

We deliver the serial system KS200 in tried and tested quality as well as customer specific modifications.

Dispensing directly out of the cartouche

Nothing more simple than that: When compressed air hits the tamper of the cartouche, the dispensing material flows out of the needle tip. To stop dispensing the compressed air is switched off and sucked in for a short period.Within nccad there is a corresponding programming function for synchronising the movements and the pneumatic-control.

Two-components-dispensing (Thrust dispensing)
with the coordinate-system KOSY

  • a thrust device with stepping motor. So you can program the pressure, speed and direction of the movement.

  • special Software functions in our CAD/CAM-Software nccad to program the dispensing (TeachIn, timing, adaption to medium, change of cartouches etc.).

  • quick-change holder for cartouche and mix-tube, combined with comfortable control commands.

  • one of our serial machines (the picture shows a CNC-Machine Standard A4). Often the machine is extended according to our customers' wish: special holders for the workpiece, buttons for Start or Sample etc.

We would be pleased to give you more information by advising you or by showing you our systems.

Two-components-cartouche with mix-tube

The size of the cartouche and the length of the mix-tube must be determined first in experiment, then their holder can be made accordingly.The entire system was then handed over together with a machining program. In a special training the staff of our customer have learned how to operate, to maintain and to program the system.
Specific problems with 2C-Dispensing are the mostly short period of reacting time and the dropping afterwards. The first problem can be solved by the producer of the components only, and the user can have in store some mix-tubes. In order to minimize the dropping we have generated special software functions and a place for putting the thrust device.
Our solution has got the characteristic name "Thrust dispensing". This time-taking development has lead to systems, now in use in different production places.

Dispensing from barrels
with the coordinate-system KOSY

In serial production you need large quantities to dispense, therefore the dispensing medium (here silicone) is pumped pneumatically out of a barrel.
Which one of our CNC-machines you use, depends on the travel and the masses to move. In our example here we use the Standard A4 machine.

The PC you need for control is not in the picture.

The CNC-Machine with dispensing valve, workpiece and operating buttons

Here is a so-called high-pressure-valve with pneumatic control used as dispensing valve.Different buttons for the production staff can be integrated, e.g. "Start", "Stop" and "Sample".When booting the PC, nccad is started and the program is loaded automatically, the functions of the software are limitated, the workers has no access to the software.

with the coordinate-system KOSY

This picture shows a very professional solution:

  • Big machine Portal for a big workpiece

  • Tooth belt drive for high feeds (until 200 mm/sec)

  • Touchless distance sensor

  • Swivel hinge for dispensing head

  • Heatable dispensing needle

  • Additional switch operations during dispensing

Remark: Picture without cover for X-drive and threshold value intensifier.

The rotatory head for the dispensing items

The specific reactions of the dispensing goods, the shape of the dispensing needle and the distance measuring make it necessary to turn the entire dispensing unit always in the direction of the axis movement. A rotatory head with stepping motor drive (4. axis) is mounted to the Z-table, its turntable holds the dispensing items.

Dispensing needle and distance sensor

The dispensing medium (here conductive glue) has to be applied in constant temperature, therefore there is a temperature control.On the right, beside the cartouche, fixed to an adjustable holder, there is a sensor for touchless distance measuring. Together with an electronic threshold pick-up and the "depth control function" in nccad the distance between the needle and the surface of the workpiece is kept constant, to prevent the workpiece from being scratched and to make sure the dispensing flow is regular.

Programming the dispensing function within our CAD/CAM-Software nccad

The dispensing track is drawn and the data for controlling the pneumatic elements are entered into the window "Technology".

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