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External output stage

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MCSK3 External Smot output stage until 6A
Powerful and big motors need corresponding output stages and corresponding current supply. Both cannot be placed on a small board.
We offer different output stages for phase currents till 6A (please contact us to get advice).
Such an output stage has got, for example, the following technical data:

Board with integrated heat sink
  • LxWxH = 101x94x35 mm

  • Plug connections for stepping motor, voltage and in/outputs

Flexible data

  • Phase current from 3,4...6 A

  • Step numbers/revolution from 400.....4000

  • Voltage 32...70V via separate transformator

  • Overload-protection

Optocoupler-separation for control

  • Inputs: Step, direction, current

  • Output: Errors

The external output stage works together with an axis-controller without output stage (MCSK1).

In a MCS you can, for example, mix: AxisController with output stage for smaller motors and AxisController with external output stage for the big motors.

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