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The inner software
for the coordinate system KOSY3
and the Multi-Controller MCS

This specific software must be "instilled" in the Micro-Controller-modules inside the electronic elements. This procedure is called "flashing". This software is responsible for how the electronics works, without it, nothing works. The development of this firmware requires more expenditure than the development of the control and the card itself. Firmware makes electronics very flexible, flashing can be repeated at any time, even after the system has been delivered. It needs the PC-utility program
FlashTool.exe. The relating flash-files are made available through DownLoad.

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Overview of available firmware

The electronic system of KOSY3 and the Multi-Controller MCS has got a multitude of MicroControllers. Each one had got its corresponding firmware. We differenciate between....

  • Firmware for the master - the central patterns and functions of the electronic system.

  • Firmware for the standard axes (X, Y, Z) - motor control and monitoring.

  • Firmware for additional axes (A,B...) - motor control and monitoring with individual patterns, depending on wishes of customer and axes design.

  • Firmware for the C-axis - our special axis for machining with BAE50 and BAE55.

  • Firmware for the U-axis - motor control and supervision for the turning units

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