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MCSZ111 Handwheel box
When you want to turn the crank as in older times...
Please mind:
Your machine must be equipped with a connection for handwheels (since MultiController Unit MCS).
Contents of the delivery:

Handy casing
Loop for hanging
Impulse transmitter with switch for the axes X,Y,Z, available in 2-axes version, too (e.g. for lathes).
Switch: Width of steps coarse/fine
Potentiometer for Override feed and spindle speed, if technically possible and prepared.
Cable connection towards control unit MCS

To shop ... under construction

Technical data

Valid since November 2012


Description of function

Handwheel for movements of basic axes. With switch of axes, only one axis can be moved at a time.
Width of steps coarse/fine, swichtable.Override for feed.
Override for spindle speed (if spindle can be controlled).


Dimensions W x L x H

83 x 163 x 82 mm, cable 1,5m

Impulse transmitter, imp./rot.


Way per impulse coarse/fine

can be set in software, adaptable to control.

Range of override Feed

+- 50% until limit acc. to parameters setting

Range of override Spindle speed

+- 15% until highest revs
can be used only if hardware is prepared, with...

  • C-axis

  • HighPower C-axis

  • 3-phase spindle

  • High frequency spindle

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