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The manual consists of a printed part and an electronical part which is integrated in our software. We did a good job by using modern methods and media for all parts of the manual.

  • The printed manual
From version nccad5 onwards only the part of the manual needed for installation is printed, together with the technical data and security instructions.The leaflets are given forward in the CD-box and contain:

    • First Steps
    • Technical Data and Service
  • The electronical manual

From version nccad5 onwards it is made like HTML-pages. Therefore,

    • The helpsystem has got the same possibilities of using media as known through the Internet
    • Updating has become easier

Advantages of a software-integrated manual are:

  • It is always at hand.
  • The Computer helps you with finding topics and getting an overview

  • It is in colour which makes some pictures easier to understand.

Scroll down to find some pictures.

Page of the printed manual

Example from the electronic manual

The window of nccad and the help are beside each other. By means of search tree you get a good overview to select the wanted subject.

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