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Our KOSY system and its differents components:
  • Hardware (machines, electronics...)
  • Software (program, codes....)
  • Teachware (help pages, training)
  • Support (and service)
Different equipments allow different applications.

  • CNC-machines (Desktop CNC)
    Equipment with milling spindle (machining unit)
    for example in

  • 3D-printer
    Equipment with print head
    of different kinds and technology...

  • Dispensing systems
    Equipment with "dispenser system" with different  
    dispensing methods .... more

  • Automation systems
    Equipment with "process components"
    for industry, research or training ....


Our Coordinate system KOSY in its 4th generation.

  • universal mechanical system  
  • innovative control
  • flexible production
  • simple handling

Our construction element "Linear profile"

Most of our machines are based on our own extruded profile. Its construction prevents bending and allows housing of ball-screw, motor and wiring in its interior.
With a 3-axes machine 3 of such linear profiles are arranged crosswise, other arrangements may be possible for customer-specific demands.

Our machine as coordinate table for moving and positioning items like:

  • cameras,

  • sensors,  test tips,

  • dispensing valves, outlet valves,

  • assembling elements

In open version. Suitable for production, laboratories and training.

Our machine as CNC-machine with machining unit (spindle) for:

  • Milling

  • Drilling

  • Grinding

  • Engraving


  • Wood

  • Synthetics

  • NF-metals (no iron, nor steel)

This version has got a protection hood; it is suitable for production, laboratory and training.

When the hood is open, power and speed are reduced.
For machining, different so-called machining units (BAE) are available  with different motor spindles and tool holders.

Detailed information on KOSY4[link:2]

KOSY for more than 15 years - a good performance

The foreword of our manual shows clearly our big steps we have made in the course of the years.

The foreword of KOSY in historic order:

Our Coordinate-System KOSY is the basis for a multi-purpose mechanic system. Regard it as your "PERSONAL MACHINE", get yourself the necessary know-how and the small auxiliary tools to do the most various mechanic work like milling, drilling, engraving, cutting, drawing or mounting and moving. Please have in mind that a lot of expert knowledge is required to handle machines. Approach slowly the different applications...If you want to mill in NF-metals, for example, go forward with small steps and slow feed and protect the surroundings from chips flying around. It is even better to remove the chips by vacuum cleaner while the machine is working. Have much fun with your "PERSONAL  MACHINE!

Schömberg, April 1990

The daily experiences with the Coordinate-System have led to a number of further developments and improvements. The comfort of handling and the CAD-CNC link with KOSYLINK have been very much improved. However, we take care that programs for older versions keep running and that you will always get experience-reports and suggestions.

Schömberg, January 1991

In summer 1991 two essential steps were made: First, nccad was created - the link between CAD, CNC and KOSYLINK in one single and extra efficient program. Second, the security-equipment of the total system was supplemented. The machining-unit was created which should be an optimum for the practical use .

Schömberg, August 1991

From Mid-December 1992 there has been the version 2.xx of nc and nccad, now called nccad2. It meets more and more the conditions of a CAD-program and offers a lot of improvements when working together with the Coordinate-System. Also the mechanics was developed further on: The Y-table is manufactured professionally and has a real plain surface, the workpieces therefore become even more exact.

Schömberg, December 1992

Moderne Bauelemente der Elektronik und Mechanik und eine erfahrene Fertigungsmannschaft machen es möglich, den Koordinatentisch insgesamt so zu gestalten, daß er als professionelle CNC-Maschine gelten kann: Ab Dezember 1993 gibt es die Version 2, bei der die größere mechanische Stabilität, die höhere Geschwindigkeit, die abgedeckten Linearmodule, die eingebauten Endschalter und die Kopplung zum PC über die serielle Schnittstelle besonders hervorzuheben ist. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt können wir uns auch über mehr als 500 Installationen des Koordinatentisch-Systems freuen und über eine Ausweitung des Marktes über die Grenzen von Baden-Württemberg hinaus.

Schömberg, Dezember 1993

From November 1994 there is nccad3 and nc3. Both programs leave nearly no wish open. Combined with it is the start into 3D-construction and the taking-in of "model-building-functions". We hope that it is a pleasant surprise for you.

Schömberg, January 1995

The big and expensive step to Windows was made. It led to nccad4 and nc4, to another handling-philosophy and to a changed manual. New functions and an integrated help-system enable the whole Coordinate-System to reach new dimensions.

Schömberg, January 1997

It is essential to keep on developing a software for daily use. Your feed-back and new applications make it necessary. An interim version has been generated with professional functions for treating contours and surfaces and with many other improvements. This and following versions run as 32-bit-version only under WIN95/NT.
Our KOSY-system support has been extended to a particular element: support via INTERNET. Let?s check it in a year what will have become of it!?

Schömberg, April 1998

In the years 1997/1998 the massive version of the CNC- machine was created to meet high demands. It even satisfies  professionals with regard to vibration absorption, lack of twisting and results of work.the same time a new technology had to be developed which allows  higher voltage and a 4th axis. Mechanics and electronics also keep their due place  in our further developpment of software from nccad 4.5 onwards.

Schömberg, July 1998

In a long period of time up to the millenium we haven't been doing nothing: Our company expanded and nccad5 was generated. This was also the beginning of 3D. From now on, scanning, constructing and milling 3D-bodies can be done directly with KOSY. Besides other progress a better electronic help-system was integrated, the following manual gives evidence of it.

Schömberg, January 2000

1/2 years have passed in which has happened a lot. In a real "application explosion" we found new customers in many fields and branches. We made customer specific systems and relating software functions and we have developed new machines and controls.The amount of extensions has led us to develop a new user conception for nccad and to start a modified didactical conception. Now, finally, nccad6 is ready. With it, a universal and professional CAD/CAM-program is available, which is very well suited not only for KOSY, but also for the control of external machines and the cooperation with other CAD/CAM-programs.

Schömberg, September 2002

Wishes and expectations for nccad have been more and more growing. So version 7 has been developed by a substantially enlargened software staff. We are sure that the Icon-group "Convert“, as well as Picture import and OpenGL-simulation will surprise and please you. A CNC-lathe is supported by nccad7; all machines in a mechanic shop can be programmed and operated by nccad now, this is a real novelty.

Schömberg, November 2004

KOSY is now in its 3rd generation. In the years 2004 to 2006 a new machine construction has been developed and a totally new electronic system: our MultiController MCS. Thes new developments required a new software version: nccad7.5. Its CAD/CAM-functions are identical with version 7, but in the operational and control domain there is a lot of new development.

Schömberg, June 2006

In the course of the years our manufacturing firm has changed. A new manufacturing plant has been built and, in cooperation with the university of Karlsruhe, a new product "family" has been created:
CompactPrecision - CPx. x stands for different types, big, small, 3 axes or 5 axes and for different applications. And a new generation of nccad with versions nccad8 and nccad9. A new operating philosophy fit for future tasks!

Schömberg, November 2012

KOSY in its 4th generation: New design, clearer construction and many other small bits that make working easier. nccad
has become very powerful, and is getting more and more popular. Our development team is busy dealing with special wishes of our customers and their specific applications. And: nccad is now able to do 3D print and scan.

Schömberg, December 2014

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