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Our coordinate system KOSY4
a small machine, basis for a lot of applications:

  • desktop CNC-machine for drilling, milling, grinding, etc.

  • coordinate table for positioning tasks in laboratories and test facilities

  • automatic unit in production - dispensing, measuring, marking, etc.

  • 3D-printer or 3D scanner

Have a look on the technical data sheet

The picture shows KOSY4 in dimension A4

Brief description of the machines

The essential elements of KOSY4 are:

  • Machine socle with 2 pillars - the pillars and the Y-profile are embedded in a socle of mineral cast to grant stability and vibration damping.

  • X- and Z-axis modules as a unit - screwed on the pillars to be adjustable.

  • Switch and status-display outside - never covered, always visible.

  • Control hardware integrated in the back  - saving room and allowing easier service.

  • Energy chain for X and Z - Clear professional cable routing with additional plug connections for the most important machining units at the terminal box.

  • Integrated protection hood - out of break-proof plastic material, protects the surrounding, reduces noise and gives the machine a nice shape. The inner workings can be watched by all users. The swivel range is large enough to not disturb cleaning or assembling.

  • Software for operation and programming is part of the delivery - our CAD/CAM/CNC software nccad supports all applications and equipments we propose. More information on  nccad Have a look on our videoclips, too.

The basic construction of all available machines is the same. The different dimensions are in line with the German paper format:

(left) travel approx. 220x310x108/100 mm - A4
Travel: X x Y x Z /passage height     
(right) travel approx. 520x310x108/100 mm - A3
Individual dimensions on demand

Equipment of the machines

Different equipment of our coordinate system KOSY4 allows different applications like engraving, dispensing, printing or screwing and a lot more. Some examples:

KOSY4 becomes a CNC-machine, when you mount a so-called machining unit (BAE) to the Z-table. Core element of the machining unit is the milling motor spindle.
Drilling, milling, engraving, grinding ...., are the typical applications. Programming is done in the same way as you do for big and heavy machines.

A machining unit with tool changer makes KOSY4 a perfect CNC-machine for professional applications in production and laboratory. Please contact us!

Mount a dispensing facility to the Z-table - just a cartouche or a more expensive metering/dispensing valve for 1 or 2 components - to make KOSY4 a dispensing automat in production and laboratory.
Inside nccad there are special dispensing fuctions.

Mount an extruder to make KOSY4 a 3D-printer.
Print the piece you cannot mill.

Mount a scanning equipment to make KOSY4 a 3D-scanner.
Scan contours and re-work them in different levels.

Hilfreiches: Optionen und Zubehör

Get more from your coordinate system, your machine...

By mounting the additional turning unit as 4th axis in order to turn-mill.
Most of the parts, turned parts as well, need additional machining in surface and in different angle positions.

Axis movements by handwheel make operation and setting of zeropoints easier.

Automatical readjustment of the zeropoint after tool-changing is done by a tool-length-measurer.
It saves time and reduces faults.

Workpiece fixing by vacuum-technology.
Different solutions for rational production.

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