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Coordinate-System KOSY5

5th generation. Our professional sytem for industrial demands.
Construction principles
  • Stability through mineral cast, 
  • use of linear profiles with carriage, 
  • ground ball screws ... for high precision under high load.
The attractive design, electronics placed in the back for easy access, protection hood with replacable panes - make the product absolutely fit for industrial use.
1 size, 1 version - A4 (KS54x), Travel as paper format A4.
Picture: KOSY5 with HF-Spindle and big connection box 

Technical data and options see 
Details in picture and word
The machine is designed like KOSY4, but all linear modules are a closed unit.
The operation elements are arranged according to the needs and at the front for easy access.
All control components are on the back.
Specific adaptations are possible:
  • Type of Y- and Z-table (e.g. without T-slots)
  • Arrangement of switch elements (e.g. integrated or separate)
  • Type of axis controller (e.g. A-axis, ConstantShot-dispensing)
  • Type of hood (e.g. with guard control, sealed...)

Linear guide
Difference in 2 pictures:
• Left
KOSY3 or KOSY4 with simple coupling, simple pulleys and ball screw with 12 mm diameter.
• Right
KOSY5 with claw coupling, Guide rail, carriage and ball
screw with 16 mm diameter. Guide rail and carriage can bear a load of tons. This dimensioning is a guarantee for
accuracy, stability and a perfect milling.

Difference in 2 pictures:
• Left
KOSY3 or KOSY4 with clamping profile protecting drive and ball screw only, but not the pulleys. They have to be covered separately (special version)
• Right
KOSY5 with telescopic slats out of metal. All components of the linear module are covered, also protected against hot chips.

Cable guides
2 pictures for different axes:
• Left: Y-axis without T-slot table
Inside the module cables or hoses for automation solutions can be led to the Y-table.
• Right: Z-axis with big connection box
One or more drag chains can be installed. Enough place for cable and hoses to the Z-drive and machining units (spindle with electric motor and pneumatic-functions, dispensing units, automation).

Control components
2 pictures of different assembling stages:
• Left: Open
The MultiController control unit MCS is arranged on a
mounting plate. Between the pillars is room for more components like servo regulator, frequency changer, pneumatical elements and others.
• Right: Closed
The mounting plate is fixed and serves as back of the
machine. The connection sockets/plugs are accessible at the bottom.
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