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Based on our linear profile we can deliver linear units up to 4 meters long. This allows to realise any kind of axes for automation and positioning. The main features are:

  • Flexible drive system

  • Flexible design of the moved table

  • Wide range of data

  • Feed

  • Accuracy

  • Load

  • Individual content of delivery

  • Suitable for MultiController MCS

We would be pleased to advise you.

Drive module from behind

At the end of the linear profile a drive module of 80mm will be frontally screwed. It can be produced separately, equipped with different kinds of motors:

  • High-Torque-stepping motor (picture)

  • Gear motor

  • Servomotor with different performances

The electric connection is a plug-in version.
Together with our Multi-Controller MCS and its fine step-resolution a direct belt drive without speed reduction is possible. We can reach the following data:

  • max. feed 500 mm/sec = 30 m/min

  • step resolution  0,05 mm/step

Contact us for details.

Drive-module from the front

The bearing and the pulley wheel are within the cover.

Tensioning piece

The drive belt must be tensioned carefully, therefore we constructed a highly strain-resistant tensioning piece.


There must be a carrier on the table to be moved, which is able to divide the rubber lips of the cover at the same tiume.

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