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General information
nccad8/9 Modules and Data

Valid since November 2014:

This software is available in different versions for different applications
Multifunctional - Mill/Print/Scan
The SW range of performance is adapted to work with CNC-milling machines. Different machining units (motor spindles and similar) are supported to allow applications like engraving, 2 1/2 D- and 3D-machining, etc. The applications 3D-print and scan are supported, too.


The range of the software is adapted to work with CNC-lathes. The axes are assigned accordingly and functions like pocket milling, milling PCBs. engraving, etc. are missing.

Coordinate table
The range of the software is adapted to work with a coordinate table as a positioning device in three-dimensional space. There is no machining unit (milling spindle, and similar). Instead, the system is prepared for automation work in different kinds (measuring and testing elements, dispensing units, etc.).

Since 2014 nccad has been delivered in its latest version 9. For lathes the version 8 is available.
nccad9 is available in different performance levels ( Basic, a, b. ....), with different price.
Specific versions are available, too, on demand.
Special customers (e.g. OEM-partners, trading firms, etc.) or special markets (e.g. in foreign countries with special demands and conditions), need special SW-solutions. Please contact us.

More details
about the scope of features and levels are found in the table ...

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