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Update of nccad9 / Mill

Date: March 2021

Please note !
This download is suitable for machines/systems from MAXcomputer GmbH only!!
Customers with other than our machines
equipped with our control unit, will find latest updates for their system on the homepage of the system's producer or via the button Help in the software of the system.

Notes concerning the installation of nccad9
nccad9 requires the .NET-Framework 2.0. Since Windows7 it is part of the operating system.
Depending on the version of your operating system and the type of installation it may be necessary
to activate the .NET-Framework 2.0 separately as feature in the operating system.
You find relating instructions in the internet.
After the installation of nccad9 it may be possible that the operating system displays a message:
"This program might not have installed correctly"
Usually this message can be ignored.
If problems occur with the execution of nccad9 after installation it is advised to repeat  
installation explicitly as administrator.
We recommend to run nccad9 as administrator.

IMPORTANT before download:
Before downloading please check which hardware, software and firmware you have got.
How to find it out:
1. Open Manual control window and close it again
2. Read the information in Menu/Help/File information:
... Interface IF5 or IF6?
... Master Type 64 or 128?
If you have got Master Type 64, you need our help before you can download this version of nccad9,
in all other cases:
3. Make download,

Key of the current nccad9-version of 10-12-2020:

DOWNLOAD update nccad9
- as full version
for registrated customers of nccad9 with licence key.
- as demo version
(without saving, printing, machine control)
  for prospective customers without valid licence key.

4. Start setup,
5. Flash, only if your existing firmware status is less than x.x.
See under Help/Version with machine/control unit ON.
In the folder Firmware you will find the relating sub-folders and instructions how to flash, or in our Helppages/Service,maintenance/Flash

New functions and corrections
Date: March 2021
Supplements, Corrections
  • Drawing element Longhole
    - Conversion functions added
    - Contour correction inside revised
    - Correction of Technology, mill diameter = width of longhole
  • Simulation for contours with combinations of lines and arcs
    - all contour corrections revised
  • Symbols
    - Points in symbols are revised

Date: December 2020
  • Improvement of data input in group technology, the wildcard * is autom. removed with input of admissable characters.
  • Circle-/ Arc interpolation in the MCS minimizes communication and possible spooler idling, requires at least Firmware Master x.x.49.44 and axes Slave 49.08.
  • COM-Port-Numbers up to 32 added, required for USB-Serial-Adapter at PCs with virtuel COM-ports.
  • Check of the collet when autom. toolchanger is added to adjustable parameters.
  • Supplements, Corrections
    • Display of confirmation message after teach-in of start position of tool length measuring [CTRL + F12].
    • Correction of display for points P1 and P2 with engraving text MAX-multiline.
    • Correction of coordinate display for multi-axes systems.
    • Correction of shifting direction Rectangle, when shifted by ZT-editor.
    • Correction Relative <-> Absolute-Positioning for G8x-cycle (customer specific function).
    • Correction of vertical alignment with engraving text MAX ml.
    • Correction of simulation Oblong hole (Anticlockwise).
    • Correction of functions for "Catch window in working area".

    Date: December 2019
    • Display of the logotype on the header of a printout of drawing files
    • Portable-Version "nccad9 solo" available as testversion
    Supplements, Corrections
    • Revision of G77 execution as Basic-Macro
    • Determination of fonts for labelling and dimensioning
    • Query of file version "... was generated with a newer version" is corrected
    • Spindle revs for turning added
    • Replacement of tools in tool correction memory is revised, the old data are deleted
    • Corrections for the printout of drawings concerning dimensional accuracy and page layout
    • Revision of issue of NC-Code with "Quick&Simple"

    Date: October 2019
    • Combination of communication modes for Windows10 and older versions of operating systems (Threading),
    • Engaving texts at arc,
    • Display of the Chip-ID in the window "Help --> Version",
    • Extension of the WZP-table and the editing window for all axes (X, Y, Z, U, V, W, A, B, C)
    • Display of the coordinates for active slave addresses only
    Customer specific functions
    • Engraving texts with sequence of number-projects
    • G81 - Drilling cycle
    • G87 - Rectangular pocketing
    • G20 and G22 with DIN-query
    • DXF-Export for trivial drawing elements
    • NC-Point with/without positioning
    Supplements, Corrections
    • Load drawings from nccad75 with engraving text at arc
    • Workpiece copies Oblong hole
    • Drawing element gear and standard thread
    • G54
    • Separate F for Z
    • Save under write-protected files
    • Read parameter settings for workpiece copiesAdoption of the Windows 10 features in all versions

    Date: December 2018
    • Adoption of the Windows 10 features in all versions
    • Addition of the code G99 by the CAM-module at the end of the program
    • Integration of the tool correction memory "simple" as alternative to the (previous) tool correction memory "extended"
    • Extruder type 12 (KSZDK12) integrated
    • Touch code G17
    Supplements, Corrections
    • Drawing element Unclamping position is found in CNC only if in a visible group
    • Label evaluation in Tools.knc for autom. toolchanger
    • Start sequence of the axes is changed for TURN: Z before X

    Date: March 2018
    • New Help file with information
      • on how to work with CAD
      • on Flashing
      • on Installation and use of U-axis
    New functions:
    • All fontparameters for measures and inscritptions can be preset in default documentation.
    • A new KOSY-font file contains special characters like diameter and exponents.
    • With the import of fonts (from drawings made in nccad8/7x) the standard settings for fontsparameters in nccad9 are assigned.
    • Many authors have made documentations under version 7.x. The import of these documentations into nccad9 was realized.
    Supplements, Corrections
    • Technology parameters, group technologies are assigned completely to individual technology parameters.
    • Preset machining unit for opening CAD/CNC-files
    • Initialisation for systems with interface 4 (IF4)  

    Date: January 2018
    This update is very elaborate. Details and new functions were revised and a tested by our software software engineers and external users.
    nccad9 has become very extensive and multifunctional. Hardly anyone can use all functions.
    New functions
    Default documentation
    • Via the menu Parameters/CAD all relevant font parameters for documentation and dimensioning can be preset.
    Font organisation
    • MAX-fonts were clearly organised and the import of documentation pages from nccad7.x is improved. Individual supplements are possible.
    Support of toolchanger with head changer
    Turn & Mill
    • extended from 2 to 4 levels, to be set in the menu Parameters/CAD/Settings.
    • extension of G31-code for cone threads
    Support for modelbuilding SERVO,
    • use e.g. with simple mechanical movements (lid of magazine, pivot mechanism, etc.)
    Communication mode to be adjusted
    • In connection with new Windows operation systems it may be necessary to change the mode.
    • Select from menu Parameters/ Machine / Edit parameters/ Options/ Communication mode
    Extended help pages for
    • Turning unit
    • HighPowerC-Axis
    • MAX fonts
    • Inscriptions
    • Dimensioning
    • Generate documentations
    • CAD- Drawing with nccad (drawing methods)
    • Mousewheel
    Supplements, Corrections
    • Buttons in in operator bar are clearly assorted
    • Symbol management is improved, existing parts of drawings remain
    • List of machine selection is adapted
    • Corrections in external OpenGL-Simulation
    • Update of slide assistant Basics
    • Correction of infeed function with helix for blind hole
    • Round Selectively – the names of the original line remain
    • Revision of storage behaviour, after Save as the new file name is used
    Specific functions (with costs)
    Batch-processing for CNC-files
    2 modes available:
    • KOSY-Playlist
    The CNC-files to process are read, loaded and processed from a report file.
    • Give me 5
    Up to 5 CNC-files including relating workpiece zeropoints can be preselected. They are loaded in their turn and processed with the selected workpiece zeropoint.

    Date: 2017-04-10
    New functions:
    • Adaptation of the COM-Port-search window, extension for saving the COM-port

    • Load Basic macros without new launch of nccad9
    • Integration of  functions to the control of a (model building-) servo by PWM , extension of the codes M26 and M25
    • Integration of a code to control the encoder regimes for C- and HPC-axis
    • Extension of the tool-length measuring functions, implementation of new parameters with M98
    • Integration of a universal method for dispensing and special applications - the Macro-Method "G65 Up/Down".
    Supplements, corrections:
    • Adaptations for nccad9 under Windows 10
    • Correction of the coordinate display for Interfaces smaller IF5
    • Correction of rounding inaccuracy with circles
      • When the angle error is smaller than 10 thousandth degree, a full circle is accepted.
    • Adaption of cancel conditions for LookAhead travels
    • Adaption for ProgramStart and ProgramEnd macros, adopted for spooler
    • Correction of cancel criteria for chamfer and thread cutting
    • Correction in the list of tool sequence
    • Safeguard of Tools.knc for autom. tool changing
    • Correction of the paths to tool files
    • Adaptions in the NC-data editor
    • Realisation of emergency stop by ENTER-key  

    Date: 2016-03-21
    New functions, supplements, corrections:
    • Supplement of the function "Documentation"
    • Supplement of the query Digital inputs before and after machining in Technology
    • Safeguarding when files are closed
    • Integration of the parameter "Spooler-Start"
    • Extension of the basic-macros, adaptation of the user interface
    • Revision of the function "Scale" for drawing elements
    • Corrections in connection with High Power C-Axis
    • Corrections in Technologies with Z-zeropoint shift

    Date: 2015 - 11 - 10
    General corrections and improvements
    • New functions, supplements, corrections:
    • Revision of engraving texts without cycles.
    • Operating hours of the CNC-Program and working hours of the linear axes are registered separately.
    • Operating hours can be read in the window „Version“ without opening manual control before.
    • Revision of the resolution of OpenGL-Simulation.
    • More choice with tool-length measuring.
    • Macros for manual control.
    • Reference run (- +) for U-axis.
    • Revision of pocket milling.
    • New code "M25 Sn" for direct input of revs for BAE/ main spindle.
    • Revision of manual control for tension controlled BAEs : Revs, tension and switch of relay2 in mutual interdependence.
    • Supplement of input key in the field "touch diameter".
    • Correction of partial feed in CAM.
    • DXF-Export function (specific, on demand).

    Date: 2014 - 11 - 11
    General corrections and improvements
    • Adaptation of the functions Automatic Toolchanger for interfaces older than IF5
    • Adaptation of the functions with Basic Macros
    • Correction of parameters entries for C-axis
    • Automatic input of tools in the Technologie window after input in tool correction memory

    Date: 2014 - 10 - 01

    New functions
    • Function "Contour & Body", from polygon to STL-body
    • Drawing element Ellipse  
    • Conversion into 3D Polygon, the polygon gets information of depth
    • Picture import, EMP-JPG-GIF
    • Adaptation of the resolution when circles and arcs are converted into polygons and lines
    • Curve Interpolation, Curve Approximation
    • Tabulator for NC-Editor can be set (Tab i replaced by numbers of spaces)
    • Scale/stretchshrink drawing elements in axes relation
    • Shift OpenGL-view by mouse (press mouse wheel and Ctrl key)
    General corrections and improvements
    • Completion of servo mode for High Power C-axis
    • Handwheel operation for A-, B- and C-axis
    • Change the jump width when using the cursor in the manual control window by [CTRL] + [SHIFT] +[F1...F5]
    • Correction factor for the speed of the Z-axis when using cursor  
    • Save / Read the names for voltage output and digital outputs
    • Validation of the AIN query in F8-window
    • Revision of NC-Editor, permanent syntax-check with "folded" editor-window only
    • Automatic docking of the NC-editor with diverse actions ( DXF import, close active file,...)
    • Adaptation of program paths to current operating systems and user accounts
    • Set display of marker points
    • Save format data for the drawing sheet
    • Extension of display functions in the tree Drawing elements (hide/show contours)
    • Automatic scroll in the tree Drawing elements with Drag & Drop
    • Display of the cursor adapted to construction grid
    • Correction for G20-code in spooler operation
    • Automatic adaptation of group technology for blind hole or pocket
    • Workpiece copy functions with M05/M06 revised
    • Adaptation of save-behavior when finishing nccad

    Date: 2014 - 05 - 08

    New functions

    • Tangent, exterior tangent, interior tangent
    • Thread milling
    • Dimensioning angle
    • Show the arrows with dimensioning
    General correctionsan improvements
    • Delete group in the tree Drawings
    • M05 with copies
    • Corrections in the function "Quick&Simple STL"

    Date: 2014 - 03 - 05

    New functions

    • Import of unclamping position from old files
    • User guide in workpiece dialog box
    • Via Menu Help → Check updates you get to the downloading page of nccad9a

    General corrections and improvements
    • Import from nccad6.x and nccad7.x
      - load Symbol (if symbol in group 1, 2, 5, 5 groups are generated)
    • Circles, arcs G03 with old machines (Interface < IF5)
    • G24 is working with high x-values, too
    • Improvements with the functions Gear interior, exterior toothing, and gear rack

    Date: 2014 - 02 - 04
    New functions
    • 3D print prepared
    • HPGL-Import
    • Gear exterior teeth, gear interior teeth, gear rack – saved as symbol in the tree
    • Workpiece copies
    • Micro-jet dispensing
    • Single steps in simulation by mouse wheel
    • Construction catch on WZP via [SHIFT]
    • Oblong hole as blind hole, show auxiliary lines
    • Assistant Quick & Simple revised, new Quick & Simple library
    • Polygon generation
    • Technology import from version 7.x revised
    • DXF import revised
    General corrections and improvements
    • Saveguard of movement with very small arcs
    • Saveguard with circular blind hole, when diameter of milling cutter equals diameter of circle

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