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Date: February 2017

In the course of the years nccad9
.. has become a very complex program, allowing a lot of applications in workshop, laboratory, test bay and education.


nccad9 offers the following expansions:
+ up to 5 files can be opened/machined.
+ more than 3 groups of drawing elements are administrated
+ the size of NC-programs is extended to more than 5000 lines until memory limit.

Functions for 3D

  • Quick & Simple STL as 3D-function for 3 and 4-axes ((4th axis fix, turning unit as option). A revolutionary method to get to the workpiece: The 3D-functions are "hidden" inside Quick & Simple, making operation and handling from STL-file to workpiece especially easy. The CAM-strategies and settings are automated, machining parameters (technologies) are assigned to the diameter of the milling cutter and the material category (soft, medium, and hard).
  • Contour & Body STL - a construction aid to generate 3D-bodies on basis of polygons.
  • Multi-lateral machining with 3 axes (all 6 sides after re-clamping, with autom. WZP-calculation).
  • Turn and Mill together with the optional turning unit.
  • Approach and depart curves with/without helix infeed
  • Multifunctional use for Milling, 3D-Printing und 3D-Scanning.

Get a first impression by watching some videoclips.

is generally delivered together with KOSYx and CPFx, i.e. our systems!

nccad9 basic

nccad9basic is the basic version, a complete CAD/CAM/CNC-program for WorkshopOrientedProgramming WOP and for machine operation. All users who need no 3D-functions, who want to open just 1 file at a time and generate no big  NC-programs above 5000 sentences, make a good choice with it.

... go to the function overview.

In so-called performance levels
the following expansion is available:

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