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Get acquainted with nccad9

Date: July 2014
The following movies are in German, they show how to work with nccad9, here special apps.
The software itself is available in English, too, inside the software you can switch from German to English.
You can read the words of the film in English, below the video.
You need Flash-Player and sound (for the German version).
Remarks: The nccad-window  and the picture size was diminuated in order to reduce the size of  the file.

Contour & Body STL
This special function leads from a drawn contour directly to an STL-file, which can be printed or milled by 3D-functions.

A very helpful function in nccac9 is "Contour & Body STL". It allows to generate an STL-file directly from a drawing line, in order to print or mill the body.
Choose  "Draw contour/s" from the icon menu "Contour & Body" and then, for example, "Rotate section" out of other possibilities. Define your drawing area, and you will get an extra window "STL-viewer" together with a drawing area. Draw a polygon into the drawing area. When you start drawing, the STL-viewer begins to display the contour in 3 dimensions. Turn the mousewheel to zoom the object, and press the mousewheel to rotate it. Your graphic board and its speed is of importance here. The last step of the action is to save the drawing as STL-file before going on to either print or mill the object.

Engraving fonts - single line
Engrave simple texts, where the fonts are made of one line only, their width being the width of the tool.

Engraving texts by single-line fonts
Choose CAD/CAM 1 level, enter the size of  the workpiece and click at Text "ENGRAVINGTEXT max/single line" in the icon menu CAD Standard. An extra window opens up where to enter the text, e.g. MAX. You can choose between several single-line fonts. I choose KOSY and 48 Point.
Enter the position of the text, i.e. its basic line and the milling parameters (Window Technology).
The width of the fonts is the width of the tool, as the tool mills just once. I take a 3mm milling cutter, Single piece, Path None, Feed e.g. 222, Depth e.g. 1mm and confirm by OK
The next step is the simulation, where you see how the text is engraved.
Alternatively you can choose Text max/multi-lines. In this case you have to set up a text frame where you can write text in more lines.

Engraving TrueType fonts
Make engravings using  Windows fonts.
There are several milling possibilities:

  • Fill inside (Pocketing),

  • Mill outside contour (cut out the fonts),

  • Mill inside contour (mske stencil).

Engraving True Type fonts with nccad9
CAD/CAM 1 level, define/confirm size of the workpiece, choose True ENGRAVINGTEXT in the icon menu CAD Standard, i.e. Windows True Type fonts, installed in the PC. An extra window opens up, where you define the fonts, e.g. Times New Roman, Bold Italics, Size 48 px. Confirm by OK. Write the text MAX, and center it horizontally and vertically. Then you have to draw a frame where the text shall be placed. Enter the parameters for milling in the window Technology: Select engraving tool with a tip of 60°, 0,2mm;  Type: Pocket parallel to contour to fill the fonts, Feed and Depth, which is low here to do the milling in one step. Confirm by OK, the outline of the fonts is displayed. Have a look at the simulation. Of course milling takes longer time because of the many paths to go.
Instead of pocket milling you could also select Single piece, Path outside (Edit, Tree..Engraving text). Again the simulation, you see, the contour of the letter is milled outside.

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