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Date: Dec 2020

It all depends on the software.
It is the software that is crucial in how easy a machine can be programmed and operated. Its task is to lead rapidly and easily to the wanted goal - without change of system or compatibility problems.
That's why we deliver nccad together with each machine or control unit, even if you do not use all functions (at first). Of course you can go on using your CAD and CAM, but you need nccad
for machining.
At present nccad9 is our standard software for coordinate tables, CNC-machines and control units.
Overview on functions and features of nccad9

  • nccad9 is delivered together with machines and systems of MAXcomputer. For some OEM-customers, however, we have to take into account their special hardware. Please note it with your orders.

  • nccad9basic is delivered together with our control unit MCS of MAXcomputer as basic equipment.

  • Machine producers using our control units, have got OEM-versions they prefer.

Flyer concerning nccad9

(in German, English text underneath) tell you how to work with nccad :
Special apps
Why nccad

to the shop

In the following we present 2 functions of nccad, showing the high performance level of nccad9.

Quick & Simple STL - From 3D-drawing to machining

Most users will notice the revolutionary new approach "Quick & Simple" after having practised some examples.Advantages:

  • No re-working of the drawing (e.g. no deleting, closing of contours etc.)

  • No selection of partly contours

  • No individual technology assignment

  • No assignment of in-feed or feed

  • No problems with pockets with or without isles

  • 3D-representation always available

What a difference compared to 21/2 D and DXF-Import.
And you will discover that

  • roundings, chamfering and individual shapes are finished  

  • without any additional manual work.

Step 1
Make the construction by a 3D CAD-program, generate and save a STL-file of the body.

Naturally you can also import a STL-file from internet or else. You can find simple 3D CAD-programs in the internet (even free of charge).

Step 2
After importing the STL-file in nccad9 machining is defined by some clicks:

  • Freeform  or mechanical part true to measure

  • Generta bridges automatically or mill all around

  • Milling cutter for roughing and finishing

  • Material soft, medium or hard

No do not need to be an expert in order to understand that. And you always see the part in 3D-representation, you can zoom it or rotate it by the mouse wheel.

Step 3
Simulation shows the milling tracks in 3D-view. On the left you will se the relating NC-program and on the right you can up and down the program by a slider.
By the way, the NC-program can be edited and saved separately.

Step 4
Call up the machine and prepare it -

Look at the finished piece.

Turn & Mill by means of the turning unit (optional accessory)


Turning a contour without having to clamp the workpiece in different positions and  afterwards surface machining it in different ngle positions, that means that
CNC-milling machine and CNC-lathe have become one
A simple method of programming makes economising perfect. The steps:

  • Draw  the turning contour in X/Z-view

  • Set parameters of machining with different revs for roughing and finishing

  • Draw  the machining of surfaces in the same (congruent) X/Y-view

  • Set parameters for machining, start height, angle positions and repetitions.

see Performance levels of nccad9

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