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Ready for add-ons and options for our Multi-Controller MCS

The basic version MCS10 is made for good reasons: All boards are equipped in a way which make standard applications, like e.g. controlling motors in a positioning mechanical device possible. For all those persons who need no more functions, why should we be providing electronic elements which are never used?

But if you want to use the full range of functions of the MCS later, all relays for the control of additional functions must be equipped or the connection for handwheels must be be led out via cable and socket or a keyboard matrix must be provided or more such similar things. All these equipment and interface ports are available as upgrade-set (MCSA1) for the basic version (MCS10).

Upgrade set for add-ons
The most important elements of the upgrade-set:

  • All relays with relating pin socket

  • Analogue output for 0...24V and 0...10V

  • All digitale inputs led outside

  • All BUS-Slots for max. 7 axis controllers

  • All connections for options, like....handwheels, digital inputs, way-measuring-system, tool length measurer, depth control resp. scanner.....

  • Axis controller with all connections

Often, it pays to include all options. Later upgrading will cause additional cost.

Bus-board, complete mounting

All relays, analogue output mounted and led to the 25pol Dsub-socket.
All pin connections for the BUS to the axis controllers are mounted.
Complete connection for the U-axis.

Master complete

All sockets and connections are mounted.
If you don't order the casing, cable and socket are connected loosely as shown here (in the picture: the serial connection to the PC loose, the USB-connection on the board).

Connection for the handwheels

Plug connectors, cable and socket are part of the delivery.If you have ordered a casing, the sockets are on the front (see picture).

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