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Why nccad9

Get acquainted with nccad9

Date: July 2014
The following movies are in German, they show basics of how to work with nccad9.
You can read the words of the film in English, below the video.
You need Flash-Player and sound (for the German version).

The software itself is available in English, inside the software you can switch from German to English.
Even when you own a CAD - and CAM-program already, nccad is helpful.
Remarks: The nccad-window  and the picture size was diminuated in order to reduce the size of the file.


  • Because it matches  the machine system.

  • Because WOP-programming is helpful.

  • Because it allows fast proceeding from drawing to machining.

Why nccad9 – a CAD/CAM software with direct machine control? Well, it allows programming at your WOP workstation (workshop-oriented programming), the fastest way from drawing to machining.
Enter the size of your workpiece, select a drawing element, e.g. rectangle, enter the relating parameters (technology), 3mm cutter, pocket, feed, depth … You will see the piece immediately. Confirm by OK, and go on with simulation. You can see the paths of the tool. Last step: Machine. The extra window „Manual control" opens up with different possibilities: Buttons for manual control, buttons for functions, possibility to switch relays, and possibility to enter direct codes, e.g. G00 i.e. Go in fast mode to X50 space Y30, etc. and of course to start the CNC-programm generated before.   


  • Functions match your equipment.

  • Drawing elements, unusual in other CAD-programs.

  • Simulation displaying the NC-codes.

Why nccad?
Because the software has to match the system and its options.
Some examples: CAD/CAM 1 level, enter size of workpiece - from the beginning drawing relates to the size of the workpiece, its limits. It's only there where you can make a design.
Assigment of drawing elements to groups, according to its later machining. Bolthole, the name tells the intended treatment. The outer frame as second, i.e. last  maching. Direct assigment of machining parameters to a group.
Special drawing functions: e.g. position to unclamp the workpiece after machining outside the workpiece; different engravings with relating simulation; gears, exterior, interior, tooth rack: enter modules, number of teeth, bore diameter; thread milling with a special tool, interior and exterior; routing of circuit boards... Functions you don't find in normal CAD-programs.
And it goes on: Special functions like working in more than one level, working with more than 3 axes ...  

Why DXF-import isn't always an advantage!
Sometimes it is more practical to go from drawing to machining in nccad.

Why ?

  • because when drawing in another CAD-program machining is often not taken into account.

  • because in most cases you need to rework the drawing

  • because export and import take time

  • because there may be compatibility problems

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