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About us

Our headquarters

The heart of it is our headquarter in Schömberg-Schwarzenberg. In 1998 a new building was erected accommodating the departments...

  • management and sales

  • development and application laboratory

  • precision engineering

  • production of systems

Working in a surrounding of refreshing nature far from traffic jams is ideal for developing innovative products.

Our products

MAX computer & mechatronics GmbH has been working in the fields of technical computer applications for nearly 20 years.

Our know-how involves the topics measuring, controlling, regulation and automation. We develop and manufacture all necessary components, that is mechanics, electronics, software and teachware. In the last years several serial products have been developed by us, some of them being especially well-known:
  • our Coordinate-System KOSY

  • our CAD/CAM-software nccad

  • CNC-machines, table-travelling or gantry-travelling type

  • automation systems

  • CNC-controls for non-KOSY-machines

Contact us via mail or phone, we will tell you if we have a solution for your problems or not.

Our staff

Each company depend on their staff, their ideas and performance. Some of our staff:

Managing director
Dietmar Böhm sen.
In charge of (nearly) everything, marketing and product-innovation.

Here: Just listening and thinking

Office manager Irene Böhm
In charge of shipping, finances and other important "background".

Here: ok, go ahead.

Production manager Andreas Böhm
In charge of all manufacturing, even the most complicated cases.

Here: Being happy after a difficult task.

Picture follows

Head of the Software department
H. Spitzner
In charge of our own Software-products andour internal network.

Export and translations
Margarete Oppl
In charge of English and French correspondence and translations of our helpsystem and manuals.

Here: Probably working on an export form

Head of the precise engineering department H. Wurster
In charge of the hundredth in our mechanical production and mechanical development.

Here: Exuding calm and patience.

Purchase and material requirements planning,
Monika Pohler
In charge of office routine

Here: Optimistically greeting the day.

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