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Update of nccad9 Turn

Date: May 2020

Since December 2009 nccad has been able to support CNC-lathes, too. The CAD/CAM functions are especially remarkable. After nccad7.5 and nccad8 we now deliver nccad9turn.

Registered customers of nccad9turn get current updates in the course of a certain service time. The service time is restricted to a maximum of 2 years.

User of older versions may find upgrades in our shop.

This download is suitable for machines/systems of MAXcomputer GmbH only!!
Customers of other than KOSY machines, equipped with our controller unit must not use this update.

Notes concerning the installation of nccad9
nccad9 requires the .NET-Framework 2.0. Since Windows7 it is part of the operating system.
Depending on the version of your operating system and the type of installation it may be necessary
to activate the .NET-Framework 2.0 separately as feature in the operating system.
You find relating instructions in the internet.
After the installation of nccad9 it may be possible that the operating system displays a message:
"This program might not have installed correctly"
Usually this message can be ignored.
If problems occur with the execution of nccad9 after installation it is advised to repeat
installation explicitly as administrator.
We recommend to run nccad9 as administrator.

Download update of nccad9turn
- As
Full version for registrated customers of nccad9turn.
- As
Demo version (without save, print, machine control) for interested people without licence key.

Installation after downloading:
Start the downloaded Setup.exe file by double click, pay attention to the message box and follow the installation instructions.

New functions and corrections
Date: January 2020
  • Display of the logotype on the header of a printout of drawing files
  • Portable-Version "nccad9 solo" available as testversion
Supplements, Corrections
  • Correction of display in manual control
  • Revision of G77 execution as Basic-Macro
  • Determination of fonts for labelling and dimensioning
  • Query of file version "... was generated with a newer version" is corrected
  • Spindle revs for turning added
  • Replacement of tools in tool correction memory is revised, the old data are deleted
  • Corrections for the printout of drawings concerning dimensional accuracy and page layout
  • Revision of issue of NC-Code with "Quick&Simple"

Date: December 2018
  • Adoption of the Windows 10 features in all versions
  • Addition of the code G99 by the CAM-module at the end of the program
Supplements, Corrections
  • Drawing element Unclamping position is found in CNC only if in a visible group
  • Start sequence of the axes is changed for TURN: Z before X
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