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Get acquainted with nccad8 for lathe only

Date: July 2017
The following video is in German and shows basics of how to work with nccad8 Turn and nccad9turn. This version is for lathes only!
Operation principles are the same in both versions. The software nccad itself is available in English, too. Inside the software, in the menu Parameters, you can switch from German to English.

You can read the words of the film in English, below the video.
You need Flash-Player and sound.
Remarks: The nccad-window  and the picture size was diminuated in order to reduce the size of  the file.

CAD/CAM Turning
An easy way from drawing a contour to machining.

An ideal method for Workshop-Oriented-Programming WOP.

CAD/CAM turning with nccad9
Enter workpiece dimensions - choose material - the turning unit will appear.
Move the mouse to set the right position.
Drawing is done in the upper half, with or without grid, make e.g. an arc, clockwise - Click and OK
A polygon is connected to the arc, then out of the material and finish by double click.
In group 1 two drawing elements are listed.
I assign "technology" (turning parameters) to group 1:
 Width of tool: 0
 Turning contour: outside
 No contour correction
 Feed in Z-direction ...
 Part. infeed for turning
 Finishing height 0.200mm
I confirm the technology and the contour by OK
In the tree the drawing elements and the group get a green bar, that means simulation can be started.
In simulation you can see the turning process, the tool is stylized.
But you can also see that the contour cannot be turned with this tool, therefore:
back to Drawing and group 1
Now Width of tool: 3mm, Contour correction: automatical - again OK - and simulation.
You can see the correction of the tool width acc. to 3mm.
In order to correct, for example, the turning contour, I switch into 2D-mode (this is possible with CAD/CAM, too). I can easily change, for example, the construction point of the polygon and start simulation again in 2D or 3D.
The last step in the process chain is: call up machine, set it up and start turning.
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