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What you need to know

Date: May 2021

When you need technical support it is best you are sitting near the system switched on while calling.
Our Hotline is available on Monday - Thursday from 8 - 9 and 14 - 15

  Friday from 8 - 9

Please understand that even then it may happen that our experts are not available.

Enquiries about your order

  • Questions on company

  • Orders

  • General enquiries

  • Delivery dates

  • Terms of payment

Switchboard -Telephone + Fax + eMail-address:

Tel: 0049 (0)7084 - 7600
FAX: 0049 (0)7084 - 5481

Technical Hotline

  • Questions about nccad

  • Questions about nc

  • Questions about installation of software

  • Questions about hardware

  • Questions about data/material

  • Problems with operating and application

For helping yourself see FAQs

The access to the Hotline is notified with delivery by us - or our dealers resp. OEM-partners.

Explanations concerning our technical hotline....

Since 2007 there are different forms of technical support hotline. This is due to the great variety of products, systems and marketing ways. Often the dealers or OEM-partners support the systems and with it the hotline. Also our customers have changed in the course of the years. Therefore we differentiate between telephone hotline and e-mail hotline.
You will find the valid form of hotline in the product desciption. Inside the installed software nccad
or nc you will find our hotline conditions and addresses under Help/Hotline. In some cases our dealers will tell them.

For helping yourself see FAQs

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