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PC for nccad and machine

Food for thought and recommendation at the same time....

The PC is part of the machine like a milling spindle, a dispensing valve, or a tool and it is really important:
  • Operating machine and system
  • Programming movements and actions
  • Monitoring the system
  • Controlling and monitoring the computer operations in automation
  • Management of system data
  • Storage of settings and programs
This is enough to do, as it is also its task to be in some way responsible for the system's security, i.e. to be constantly „vigilant“.

How can your PC do this work when it is permanently disturbed and interrupted – by watching the internet or by being watched from outside, by checking the e-mails, by being disturbed by BlueTooth connections or simply by switching to the energy saving mode, etc. And sometimes some important file or folder is accessible to authorized persons and password only. When your laptop is configurated like that as an all-in-one device the interaction between machine and PC may become unsatisfactory.
  • Use the PC for the machine only, you can use an old one, too.
  • Use a simple keyboard with a separate cursor keypad.
  • Instal nccad locally on this PC
  • Have it always connected, it is more practical.
  • You can still have a file transfer via network.
  • Laptops are not a good choice for a chip-producing surrounding, they are simply not suitable.
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