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Principles for export

Export in EU- and NonEU-countries

Export into all parts of the world is growing. We have learned from it in the past years that we have to make some points clear.
There is a difference in business life between home market, EU and NonEU which leads to different order processing and costs. This is also the reason for different prices for our products.Therefore, we have prices
within Germany (Inland),
for the Euro-Zone within EU,
for members of the free-trade zone within EU,
for European countries outside EU
nd for Non-European countries.
Our official price-list is valid in Germany only, it is published on our homepage. These prices are ExWorks (the production facilities). They are valid in the Euro-zone within EU only, if no particular customs regulations exist and no payment risks or payment losses occur (i.e. when the goods are taken here and paid cash or are prepaid without costs for money transfer). In all other cases we have to make specific quotes.
Export prices into NonEU-countries can be substantially higher than the home prices. Let us explain exemplarily the reasons for it, which lie in a number of additional activities, costs and safeguarding:
On average 1 day/person for processing, making, examining the customs papers incl. ride to the customs office and chamber of commerce.
Employment of specifically qualified staff with knowledge of foreign languages and export.
Internal preparation for service and preparations for special devices for maintenance.
Expenditure for payment guarantee.
Costs for currency exchange and money transfer. Bankfees which are often charged- in spite of international agreements.
Costs for translation and support of foreign language versions and for information material or flyers.
Higher package costs to meet specific country regulations.
Higher costs for fixing the machine corresporting to transportation terms.
Special insurance.
For our NonEU-customers this higher export price may be a thorn in their flesh, their option would beto buy the machine through a German partner who picks it up here and pays cash, including VAT. All other steps would then be not our concern, almost.
Export prices are a common thing. We try to make a fair calculation, but please, do understand that we have to differenciate. This article wants to give you a justification for it.
Customers from abroad should therefore always contact us and talk about their specific conditions. The points delivery/payment/support have normally the most influence on the price.

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