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Basic training in schools

Many of our machines, systems and components are very well suitable for educational purposes:

Some thousand schools in Germany, France and other countries are working with our system in subjects like technology, natur and science or craft/design/technology.

Beside the traditional producing methods in schools this system offers a considerable advantage when used with subjects like e.g.„Products made to get to the market“. The quality you reach within short production time allows to sell the products to a "real" calculated price on a "real“ market. Furthermore, the system offers the possibility to automate production steps letting the students feel the socio-technical effects of mecanisation and automation.

There is a big range of possibilities of the systems beginning in class 5.

Mostly they start with ornaments on workpieces or engraving name shields, which can be continued to engrave clock faces.

You can use KOSY also as a drilling machine which is simply used when it helps to make very exact borings, etc.).

The Coordinate System can be used in all parts of technology education, e.g. also when planning (industrial drawing) or producing printed boards or else ...

Here you can see all different kinds of examples made by students. A nice side-effect: KOSY motivates.

There are also possibilities to make things you can use in other contexts.

Creativity, exactness, responsibility, ability to plan, orderliness, sense of security, technical knowledge, care for machines, knowledge of industrial producing and orientation towards a future job are the main issues for the students.

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